The application deadline for this competition has now passed. However, you may still enter your shared value story to be featured in the Case Example Library on this website. 

Are you advancing shared value through a new initiative, innovative research, or a unique partnership? We want to feature you at the 2015 Shared Value Leadership Summit!

Earn the opportunity to share your story of shared value with over 450 game-changing practitioners. Apply by March 30, 2015 to be a guest storyteller at the Summit.

We are looking for concise, inventive content from talented speakers who also happen to be dedicated professionals exploring and progressing shared value within the corporate, nonprofit, or governmental arena. The speaking slot will be brief—10 minutes—and will occur before the marquee keynote sessions. If selected as a presenter (one of four slots), you will receive complimentary admission to the 2015 Summit ($2250 value). You will have the stage in front of a pivotal audience and directly contribute to the development of the shared value field. Storyteller presentations will be filmed.

To see how it's done, watch 2014 winner Bruce Christensen of Cart-Away Concrete present on how higher-quality concrete can influence a better world:

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How can I increase the odds that I’m selected?

  • Provide new perspectives on shared value from the field
  • Illustrate how shared value can be applied and scaled to address a specific social issue
  • Demonstrate how shared value is transforming a specific function within a company
  • Highlight a new initiative that has introduced innovative products or services, reconfigured value chains, or enhanced the local operating environment in ways that simultaneously meet social needs and advance business objectives
  • Deliver a unique story of shared value in an inventive format 


Here comes the fine print:

  • Applicants must officially represent a company or organization working on a shared value initiative or program. Our goal is to highlight practitioners.
  • Propose one speaker per application (no panels or groups).
  • Submissions should highlight clear social and business value, either realized or projected.
  • We encourage creative ideas and innovative formats for the Summit presentation. In-room audio-visual displays will be available.
  • Finalists may be asked to discuss their concept over the phone with Shared Value Initiative staff to develop the presentation concept.
  • All Storyteller applicants will receive a code for a 20% discount to attend the 2015 Summit.
  • Applications may be adapted and selected to appear as a case example in the Resources section of


How do I apply?

Please apply by submitting your story here. You must be registered as a member of the Shared Value Initiative Community to apply. Though optional, you may send links to video of you speaking, an extended biography, or content related to your proposed presentation to Meghan Ennes, Community Coordinator.

Apply by March 30, 2015.


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