The INGO Shared Value Working Group

International nongovernmental organizations (INGOs) are in a time of transition. They are faced with disruptions from new development actors, stagnant public budgets, and high opportunity costs to pursue innovation. INGOs are increasingly seeing shared value as an opportunity to both address funding needs and explore new pathways to creating sustainable impact at scale. Due to this growing interest from INGOs on shared value, FSG and the Shared Value Initiative teamed up to launch the INGO Shared Value Working Group in the Fall of 2014 with 12 INGOs that together program more than $2.5 billion annually.

Since then, the working group has emerged with a strong common purpose in a pre-competitive environment. 2016 is the year we move from theory to action with the following agenda: (1) the continuation of full-day convenings, (2) a session with funders and donors at the Shared Value Leadership Summit in New York (May 10-11, 2016), (3) a multi-day training program in June for members' field staff, and (4) the launch of a Shared Value Lab Series where members will lead efforts to forge meaningful cross-sector partnerships on a given issue. Join the community for updates on


Working Group Members



Group Objectives

  1. Improve the process for INGOs to develop shared value partnerships with corporations

  2. Expand opportunities for creating shared value partnerships with corporations by fostering collaboration among INGOs


What We Do for Members


Provide knowledge exchange among INGOs

Train INGO staff in shared value best practices

Create learning labs focused on targeted issues

Build a brand for INGOs in shared value partnerships


Learn More

We're exploring INGO transition through the lens of the working group. Read part one: "INGOs Reimagined: New Era, New Business Model;" and part two: "4 New Partnership Priorities for INGOs."

FSG's research "Ahead of the Curve" explores the challenges facing large, international nonprofits in an era of increasing competition and complexity.

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The Future of International NGOs

 A series exploring how INGOs are tackling new challenges in an evolving partnerships landscape. #FutureINGO Series on Devex

INGO Research

FSG's research "Ahead of the Curve" explores the challenges facing large, international nonprofits in an era of increasing competition and complexity. Read Report

Past Working Group

In 2014, fourteen organizations and nine global health institutions contributed to the publication of "Measuring Shared Value Innovation and Impact in Health." Read the Guide

Contact Us

Interested organizations should contact Sitar Mody about working group selection. Contact Us