By: David Laurel | Independent Consultant Affiliate/Practitioner at Shared Value Initiative/ Ateneo School of Dev. Studies | December 25th, 2016

From a steadily growing group of Shared Value Practitioners from academia and from the field in the Philippines, we all wish the members/leaders from FSG and the Shared Value Initiative around the world. A Merry Christmas. We look forward to an exciting year of disrupting the cyclical equations of societal problems into opportunities, working for permanence of mutual benefit to society and business/institutions.


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Happy New Year to you David! Thank you from all of the Shared Value Initiative team for your continued support and committment to solving social problems! 

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Thank you Alicia, I hope all is well with you and the SVI team. I am happy to know that my former students from the CSV Practitioner's course from Ateneo de Manila School of Developmental Studies, who have recently been hired by corporations are now trying to initiate CSV pilot programs with their companies. I am periodically informed about these objectives by them through the social network. I find that these intentions are wonderful indicators of how CSV has become part of their "DNA" work ethic. Mindful of this success by teaching CSV in the academe, I am encouraged further to continue drawing out such great attitudes, in my next CSV class which begins next week. It looks like 2017 will be the start of the rise of CSV Practitioners.
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