By: Michelle Morgan... | Senior Manager, Communications at Shared Value Initiative | May 6th, 2014

Spring is a time of regeneration. For the Initiative, there isn't a more energizing moment of the year than when we gather with the global community at the frontier of shared value thinking. And whether you were with us in New York at the Shared Value Leadership Summit, or are in the office, knee-deep in trying to solve a business or social problem, we are reimagining the role of shared value in our day to day work.

In this spirit, we ask you as a community member to share your intention for shared value in 2014. What will you do differently at your organization? How will you reimagine your work through the shared value lens? How has your participation in the Summit or in the community reoriented you to make a strategic change? What shared value goal are you working towards?

Please post your intention in the comments below and share with fellow practitioners an insight or moment of clarity, an upcoming project or launch, or specific next steps that you will take to infuse shared value thinking into your work to reach a goal. Then, via Member Connect (new), connect with other members with similiar goals and obstacles to follow their shared value activity to learn from each other and partner offline.

Let's take the first step together to set a shared value goal and make it happen.


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2014 marks an important transition for CAF America as we transition from the intermediary space into corporate advisory.  Operating at the intersection of philanthropy with offices in 8 countries as well as on-the-ground advisors in Africa and Asia, we are looking forward to bringing our shared value approach to the marketplace.  Please check out our blog ( to learn more about our role in creating shared value and we look forward to seeing you at the Summit!



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As a practitioner who does a lot of workshopping and initial exploration into strategy options for clients, I'm excited about the body of work that is accumulating. The case studies, short form examples and other resources that are coming on line will prove to be invaluable for generating enthusiam and action. A big year is ahead!

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The Leadership Summit in New York was inspirational for me. Not only because of the friendly reception that my shovel and I recieved, but also for a universal question that I found that I couldn't answer with clarity-What is your business model?  I realized early on the first day that our simple industrial concrete mixing technology did not have a well-defined model and that we need knowledgeable partners to help us find a way to cure the world's poorest concrete.

Cart-Away Concrete Systems has 20-years of experience in designing and deploying mixers into the US construction supply chain, and ZERO knowledge of how to do international development projects. Without a good model we will continue to spin our wheels with this mixer and the Cement Trust.  The Summit made me more aware of what can be accomplished through a well organized shared value iniative, I want to cement (sorry for the play on words) a solid business model for the mixer and for concrete supply chain deployment, so that we will help the most vunerable improve the safety of their concrete construction and stop the shovels.

Thank you to the Shared Value Initiative for allowing a very small company from Oregon to participate in this exciting business process.

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Hi Bruce.

That was a terrific--and memorable--talk you gave at the summit.  You really grounded us (hehe) in what shared value looks like for real.

Thanks for sharing!


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I appreciate your kind words, Russ

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Bruce your presentation was such an inspirational example that shared value is not just for big companies.  It's a new way of thinking and doing.  Hearing about the contribution your firm is making to help cure the world's poor concrete while creating business value and innovation demonstrates shared value is possible in firms of all size and types.  Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you Jocelyne, 

Attending the Summit and learning more about shared value has been a great experience for our small company. We are now working to fnd the best way to move the project forward with a business model that has the potential to really make a difference.

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This year's Shared Value Leadership Summit was indeed a moment of inspiration and motivation. Participating at the summit for the second time, I was happy to see that participants nearly doubled in size while the conversations among global champions and practitioners narrowed down to more practical and concrete issues. Particularly, that the measurement issue was the most-talked topic among the participants proves that the concept of shared value has now established itself into what needs to be manageable internally and externally.

As a SVI-affiliated consulty based in South Korea, our key takeaways are as follow.

1) Leveraging government to perform as a trigger to promote shared value.

The fact that the government is actively engaging in corporate sector to adopt shared value is a very unique feature of shared value field in Korea. Though many expressed doubts about government for its bureaucracy during the summit, we believe there are plenty of room that it can contribute to broadening the field of shared value, if the efforts are appropriately designed regulations and incentives which credit measurable social performance of corporates. In this regard, Impact Square is currently sharing its expertise on the government's efforts by participating in government’s regular knowledge event called ‘CSV forum' and contributing articles on shared value to its online platform. As long as government is willing to work towards shared goals with for-profit sector, we believe it can play an important role to provide shared value infrastructure and Impact Square feels a sense of duty and privilege to make it happen.

2) Helping SMEs to adopt shared value lens.

Following the two-day summit, convened all Consulting Affiliate Network companies who had completed a shared value consulting practice training course respectively in Boston, London, and New York for the first time in order to share their experiences and learning. Among several valuable lessons shared during the meeting, it was impressive to learn that some of the fellow affiliates are instilling shared value perspective to SME clients. Since Impact Square mainly deal with big conglomerate companies, we sometimes find it regrettable that the decision making process and initiative design require much patience and time, even though the generated impact, when successfully delivered, could be huge. However the experiences of other affiliates gave us a new insight that shared value can be also applied to SMEs and we may discover new clients. As Korean economy is severely polarized between large conglomerates and SMEs, and the latter are struggling to find growth opportunity, shared value strategy may create a new opportunity of innovation for them.

A big year is ahead and hope to share our story at the next year's Summit! 

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Equifinality is a term I latched on to early in my career as an organization development consultant.  It means (and I paraphrase here) there are multiple ways to achieve the same end.  My firm, The Clarion Group, is a small boutique management consultancy that has been focusing on how to help our clients create new business models and navigate their organizations through these times of great complexity and change. Marc Mathieu from Unilever referred to an example of this when he talked about the 'collaborative economy'  which is introducing new ways to create value between consumers, while helping the environment at the same time. My discovery at the conference is the subtle shift that is needed by our firm to expand what we call a focus on "value co-creation",  where different stakeholders come together to create experiences of value, to include social impact as well.  We may or may not call it Creating Shared Value or follow the same path, but at the end of the day, we would be pursuing a similar outcome.  Equifinality.


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"Shared Value is real" said Janet Voule, Global Head of Public Affairs, Nestle at the recent Shared Value Leadership Summit.  Her comment was a moment of inspiration for me.  Hearing that she truly believes that social and economic value is being created through Nestle's CSV strategy was proof positive of its potential to make a measurable difference, increase business competitiveness and innovation and deliver social benefits. 

As a consultant and practitioner in the affiliates network I look forward to contributing my own examples from current and future work.  Case studies that bring the concept to life and demonstrate success will be critical to build traction, further actionl and to inspire others to join the growing movement.

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This was my first year attending the Summit and it was a wonderful experience. One pleasant surprise was seeing how many of my international development colleagues joined me in taking the trip up from Washington DC to explore how they can work with corporations promoting shared value. However, in discussions with them it became clear that a lot of work still remains to be done in figuring out how to forge practical partnerships that both address the needs AND harness the skills of both organizations. I know that this is achievable, and the partnership that Walmart and TechnoServe presented at the Summit attests to this. But I think many NGOs and non-profits are still trying to figure out how they can establish such a working relationship, and I imagine many of our business colleagues feel the same way. My hope for the next year is that the Summit serves as a launching board to frank discussions from both sectors on what they need in a shared value partner (and perhaps what they wish to see more of). My intention is to help support this in any way I can.

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